7de Laan Teasers - December 2022

Coming up on 7de Laan this December 2022:

Thursday 1 December 2022

Episode 5443

Bonita is deeply touched when DeWet records a thoughtful video for Gabriel. Werner is excited when Uys allows him to tag along for one of his flight lessons.

Friday 2 December 2022

Episode 5444

Denzil reprimands Shady for humiliating him. Lesedi reveals a secret to Amorey in the hopes of gaining her sympathy. 


Monday 5 December 2022

Episode 5445

Werner agrees to give a few ladies a self defence lesson. Ivy runs into Aggie and opens up to her about a mother’s inherent need to have her children close by. 

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Episode 5446

Tjattas accepts his fate and finds solace in his music. Werner emotionally pleads for DeWet’s help. 

Wednesday 7 December 2022 

Episode 5447

The Hillsiders get into the Christmas spirit while Mariaan is mortified at Chris’s proposal to level the playing field.

Thursday 8 December 2022

Episode 5448

Denzil and Shady prepare to spread festive goodwill. Ivy starts casting for her nativity play.

Friday 9 December 2022

Episode 5449

Denzil panics when a huge misunderstanding spreads like wildfire. The Visagies and Tjattas make the most of their holiday.


Monday 12 December 2022

Episode 5450

Chris makes a suggestion that solves both Ivy and Denzil’s problem. Mariaan enjoys being surrounded by her children.

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Episode 5451

The plot of Ivy’s concert confuses the participants. Shady insists that she doesn’t feel anything for Denzil but Amorey is not convinced.

Wednesday 14 December 2022

Episode 5452

DeWet is livid that Werner dragged him into his mess. Romeo and Khethiwe return from their honeymoon.

Thursday 15 December 2022

Episode 5453

Werner doesn’t correct Tanya when she makes the wrong assumption about Uys. Mariaan is determined to save her marriage.

Friday 16 December 2022

Episode 5454

Denzil clears up a misunderstanding. The Welmans are taken by surprise when Tjattas serenades Amorey. 


Monday 19 December 2022

Episode 5455

Alexa is worried when Tanya bursts into tears and is inconsolable. Aggie suggests a combined Christmas lunch for all the loners in Hillside.

Tuesday 20 December 2022 

Episode 5456

Chris receives the results of the medical tests he had done. Romeo and Khethiwe can’t believe their luck.

Wednesday 21 December 2022

Episode 5457

Denzil encourages Shady to follow her passions. Tanya takes matters into her own hands.

Thursday 22 December 2022

Episode 5458

Lesedi is distraught at the thought of not having her child with her at Christmas time. Romeo tells Khethiwe about his mother’s dissatisfaction with their plans for the future. 

Friday 23 December 2022

Episode 5459

Bonita is on cloud nine when DeWet reveals her Christmas gift. Fikani realises that there’s trouble when Chris brushes off concerns about his health.


Monday 26 December 2022

Episode 5460

Romeo feels excited about the prospects of their future. Werner and Tanya have a huge falling out.

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Episode 5461

Season 23 finale!

The youngsters’ plans to party are abruptly hindered. Ivy tries to use the situation at hand to her advantage. 

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Episode 5462

Season 24 premiere!

Denzil is fed up with poor service delivery and has a good rant about it. Shady decides it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

Thursday 29 December 2022

Episode 5463

Uys is basking in his five-star lifestyle in the Welman house. There’s an emergency at Aggie’s flat.

Friday 30 December 2022

Episode 5464

The youngsters are ready to usher in the New Year and enjoy the fireworks display but then realise they took things too far the morning after. 


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