The River 6 on 1Magic Teasers - March 2023

Coming up on The River on 1Magic this March 2023:

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Episode 18

The Mice will play

Bukhosi makes himself comfortable in his new role, Cobra won´t let Kedibone off the hook and Lindiwe starts living again.


Thursday 2 March 2023

Episode 19

Bad seed

Veronica sees through Lindiwe like a glass while Charlie wants more; and Dimpho makes a difficult decision.


Friday 3 March 2023

Episode 20

All in the family

Andiles´s boundaries are tested, Charlie doesn´t know when enough is enough and Cobra´s immaturity creates tensions in the house.


Monday 6 March 2023

Episode 21

Hard adjustments

An old friend shows up in town and Andile tests his mother´s patience.


Tuesday 7 March 2023

Episode 22

He's not welcome here

Cobra finds himself longing for something in life while Andile questions Lindiwe's judgement.


Wednesday 8 March 2023

Episode 23

The morning after

Lindiwe and Cobra find themselves at odds with their families and Nomafu gets lured into temptation.


Thursday 9 March 2023

Episode 24

A taste of something new

Cobra breathes new fire into a new venture, Andile goes too far and suffers consequences.


Friday 10 March 2023

Episode 25

Put on a show

Nomafu´s bad judgement call won´t stay in the past. Andile stumbles onto a way to get a new enemy out of the way for good.


Monday 13 March 2023

Episode 26

I'm a hustler

Bangizwe hides a burning secret, Nomafu´s new friend costs her on every front and Cobra finds a new direction in life.


Tuesday 14 March 2023

Episode 27

The calling

Cobra is forced to choose between his family and his happiness. Nomafu realises that she’s bitten off more than she can chew.


Wednesday 15 March 2023

Episode 28

Another one

Cobra leaps into another project leaving his family shocked and Flora fiercely defends Lindiwe’s honour.


Thursday 16 March 2023

Episode 29

Freelance lover

Nomafu tries her best to get rid of a pest. Cobra prepares to launch into his new passion.


Friday 17 March 2023

Episode 30

Sugarmama games

Old relatives begin to burn up in the Dikana mansion, while an old flame continues to play mind games with Nomafu.


Monday 20 March 2023

Episode 31

What a difference a day makes

Cobra is riding high, while Nomafu considers escalating pressure to take care of someone who’s been bothering her.


Tuesday 21 March 2023

Episode 32

When we plan, God laughs

Cobra eventually wins Angelina’s support, but there’s another hurdle around the corner. Nomafu realises that her celebration was premature when she gets a message that shakes her world. At last, there’s hope for Dambisa; but is it the kind of hope she’s been yearning for?


Wednesday 22 March 2023

Episode 33

Miss me when I am gone

Cobra is confronted with the consequences of his actions. Andile’s naivety leads him to make irrational decisions.


Thursday 23 March 2023

Episode 34

Knocked out

Nomafu’s complication goes from messy to bloody and Andile learns of Dambisa’s lies and takes a leaf out of her mother’s book. Dimpho fights to keep Cobra’s dream alive.


Friday 24 March 2023

Episode 35

Time to face facts

Nomafu is free of Siphiwe - but for how long? Andile accepts the real person behind events surrounding his aunt but will Bangizwe accept members of his family?


Monday 27 March 2023

Episode 36

A person of interest

The noose tightens around Nomafu, while Andile connects with an unlikely stranger.


Tuesday 28 March 2023

Episode 37

Only the begining

Nomafu’s one night of pleasure has her facing a lifetime’s worth of problems and Lindiwe struggles to bring father and son together while the Mokoenas usher in a new chapter.


Wednesday 29 March 2023

Episode 38

A hot mess

Nomafu tries to distance herself from the mess she’s made. Lindiwe makes a surprising decision about Ndumiso. Cobra has a surprise visitor.


Thursday 30 March 2023

Episode 39

The blouse

Nomafu fails to pull herself out of her burning hole, while Kedibone decides to play referee in the Mokoena household.


Friday 31 March 2023

Episode 40

Christmas in March

Nomafu’s hope is restored when an unlikely saviour pops up in her life. Cobra’s party reaches new heights while Bangizwe wishes he was wrong.



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