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Kwaito’s uncle Sifiso has declared war against the Maputlas which could lead to a bitter court battle.

The storyline of Kwaito Seakamela’s journey to uncover his biological father’s identity is one of the most-talked-about storylines in Mzansi. Now that the identity of Kwaito’s father, John Maputla, has been revealed, Kwaito’s uncle Sifiso is going to break down the Maputlas one by one. 

We are going to witness Sifiso visiting the Maputlas towards the end of June with a shocking demand. The demand will either be for John Maputla to pay back 30 years of maintenance or damages for impregnating his sister, Mantuli Seakamela. The demand will break up the friendship which the Seakamelas and Maputlas have maintained since season one and might lead even lead to a court battle in July. 

We know that John’s wife, Meikie Maputla, will not allow anyone to take advantage of any member of her family, especially her son. But will she still defend John after this demand/revelation?

John’s other son, Leeto Maputla, who is a lawyer, will definitely defend his father in court should things progress that far. Leeto will insist that his father never knew that Kwaito was his son and that Mantuli kept the truth from him and therefore he doesn’t owe the Seakamelas a cent. He will also prove that his father is not a deadbeat father, but a loving and caring father and grandfather.

This revelation will also tarnish the Maputlas reputation in the community and will ruin Kwaito’s friendship with his besties, Tbose Maputla and Katlego Peterson.


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