Meet The Kubekas: Fana Mokoena, Slindile Nodangala and other faves to join 'Scandal!'

Legendary Hotel Rwanda star Fana Mokoena and actress of Generations fame Slindile Nodangala have joined the cast of eTV's Scandal!, as a new family full of dark secrets and shady dealings has been thrown into the mix.

The Kubekas, headed up by Vukile (Fana) and Nomvula (Slindile), are introduced to the viewers with a show-stopping entrance. Melusi Mbele, Nolwazi Shange, Sihle Ndaba, and Robert Mpisi are also members of the latest family to shake things up on the Scandal! block.

Youngest born Zenzele (Robert) crashed a waste management truck into the Nyathi Family Holdings (NFH) headquarters while transporting illicit goods and managed to reverse and get away from the situation.

Father Vukile comes to the aid of his son to cover up the crime and finish the drop for him by delivering the illicit goods.

So, who are the Kubekas?


Vukile hails from KwaZulu-Natal, where he worked until he was retrenched, and moved to Jozi to start a life with his wife. They found their gold in trash, starting out as waste pickers, until a dodgy opportunity presented itself, which he grabbed and used to make it to the top. He now owns uThuli Waste, alongside his wife and children.


Nomvula came with her husband to Jozi after being retrenched in KwaZulu-Natal where she’s from. Like her husband, she too wants to create generational wealth for her family, so none of them has to struggle like they did. Their history ensures that they remain ambitious because they understand what rock-bottom means. She is haunted by the past.


Jojo is the firstborn. This 35-year-old is a dedicated supervisor at the waste management company and happy with his place in the business. He grew up during hard times when the family didn’t have much. While his parents went out to work as waste pickers, he was left at home to take care of his younger sister and brother.


Dudu is a 26-year-old business management graduate. Her family runs one of the top waste management companies in the country, and she handles the accounts. She is cool-headed, loves and lives for the business, often at the expense of her heart.


The last-born was brought up living the soft life. He is hot-headed, impulsive and a risk-taker. He has never known poverty or a tough life. He went to private schools and had the best of everything. He was in charge of the truck drivers and their schedules at the depot. He’s a ladies’ man, always with a new woman on his arm. A real charmer.

Lady Mbali or Lady 'M'

She is married to Jojo Kubeka. It was a love match but now she wants more. Mbali, also known as Lady M, comes from a snobbish, opulent family. Her family didn’t approve of Jojo, as he was uneducated. Faced with having to choose between her family and her man, she chose the man and was cut off by her own family.


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