TikTok Bans "Milk Crate Challenge" After Increase in Injuries

The virality of the “milk crate challenge” has led numerous TikTok users to recreate their own version of the challenge for the world to see. Of the sea of videos showing people climbing the pyramid of milk crates, the majority of them end in disaster.

Several recent videos have shown users getting gravely hurt, or just missing fatal falls by a hair. As seen in the past, these challenges often continue to up the stakes with even higher and more challenging versions of the original. Looking to curb the number of injuries, TikTok has gone and banned the challenge from its platform where searching for the trending hashtag will result in a “no results found” search. TikTok tells a publication that, “TikTok prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous acts, and we remove videos and redirect searches to our Community Guidelines to discourage such content. We encourage everyone to exercise caution in their behavior whether online or off.”

This ban now joins a growing list of dangerous social media challenges like the “throw it in the air” and “skull-breaker” challenge.


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