Acrimony Review & Full Movie (Must Watch)

 When Melinda met Robert, she was sceptical of his charming nature, but couldn't deny how attracted she was to him. Once they fell in love, Melinda moulded herself into everything he wanted her to be. She sacrificed for him, worked to support his grandiose dreams, and put up with him for better or for worse. Then, one day she realised that, after all she had done, another woman was reaping the lavish rewards. That's when Melinda lost it, and now she cannot let it go.

“Hell hath no fury,” reads a tagline on a poster for “Acrimony,” and at first glance, the latest sermonizing melodrama from Tyler Perry appears to be the story of how a scorned woman worked up the courage to leave her exploitative, untrustworthy husband.

The upshot is a good deal plottier, though, and the message less universal. The moral of “Acrimony” seems to be: Leave a bad man, especially one who cheated on you before marriage and leeches off your financial resources — unless he has poured his life into the dream of inventing a self-recharging battery, in which case the bonds of matrimony are sacrosanct and no sacrifice is too great.

In those circumstances, who could disagree? The movie opens with a judge ordering Melinda (Taraji P. Henson), who has skirted a restraining order, to undergo counseling. As the camera slowly moves in on Ms. Henson on the couch, Melinda tells us about the man who ruined her life.

We learn how in college (when she’s played by Ajiona Alexus), Melinda met Robert (Antonio Madison, and later Lyriq Bent), a handsome chemical-engineering student who seduc ed her to the strains of Nina Simone. But Robert is no Prince Charming. After catching him with another woman, Melinda rams her car into his mobile home, knocking it over — an accident that also injures her and results in a hysterectomy.

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