Basetsana & Romeo Kumalo's Love Story

Basetsana Kumalo and her husband Romeo Kumalo are one of South Africa’s beloved couples. They have continued to inspire couples from younger generations over years, and it’s always amazing to see them both together. From sweet candid moments to lovely birthday tributes, the Kumalos have never failed to keep it real, even in public.

Unlike most celebrities, family means everything to Basetsana and her husband. They are known for striking a balance between their respective work and home obligations, and it’s been paying off over the years. The couple loves their kids so much that they decided to raise them outside the spotlight to allow them to live a normal life.

Mrs. Kumalo’s path and that of her sweetheart, Romelo Kumalo, crossed for the first time when she was crowned Miss Soweto. She won the prestigious title precisely in the year 1990, the same year she also clinched the Miss Black South Africa title.

Basetsana, a respected model, media personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, doesn’t hide her love for her husband. She has the reputation of showing him love everywhere, including social media and public functions. She considers him as her backbone and the best thing that has ever happened to her.

The love that began as a friendship between Basetsana Kumalo and Romeo blossomed into marriage in the year 2000. The pair dated for three years before they eventually sealed their love for each other at the altar. Their wedding was attended by members of their families, as well as several other notable South Africans.

Romeo and Basetsana’s marriage of over a decade is blessed with three children – two boys and one girl. They had their first offspring five years after their wedding (precisely in 2005), and he was named
Nkosinathi Gabriel. Seven years later, in 2012, the power couple welcomed another son named uShaka Kgositsile Emmanuel. Bontle ba Morena Jasmine Kumalo is the name of their youngest child, and she was born in 2014, two years after Emmanuel arrived.

Basetsana suffered seven miscarriages in the past, including a 20-week-old pregnancy of twin babies, as
detailed in her memoir. Bassie, as she is fondly called, and her husband have always wanted their kids to live a normal life like every other normal child out there. One of the ways to achieve this was to keep them away from unwanted attention from the public and critics alike.

Regardless of their status, Basetsana and her family have continued to keep a low-profile on their lives and family affairs. They currently reside in Saddlebrook Estate in Midrand, Gauteng, in their R25 million worth mansion. Bassie acquired the mansion in 1995, and it is fitted with luxury precious amenities. The five-bedroom apartment has a master bedroom with a lounge that spots a salon, two dressing rooms, and a refreshment spot. It is also fitted with entertainment areas, a jacuzzi, a big family room, pool, balcony, and bar.

 The mansion’s second dwelling sports an exotic cellar for wine tastings, soundproof cinema, an exotic chef’s kitchen, as well as a triple volume foyer with a classy double staircase.

Romeo and his wife are no strangers to the spotlight. They have met and worked with many prominent South Africans over the years. Mrs. Kumalo worked closely with Nelson Mandela and other public figures. In addition to traveling to several places with him, she used to introduce him before he started making speeches at public gatherings.

From the time Basetsana won Miss South Africa and all through her reign as both Miss Soweto and Miss Black South Africa, the public eyes were always on her. Till now, nothing has changed – thanks to her continued exploits in the media, business, and philanthropic worlds.

Mr. Kumalo is a successful businessman and venture capitalist. His name equally rings a bell in both the telecommunication world and media industry, having worked as the station manager at Metro FM and General Manager at SABC 1. He previously worked as the chief operating officer for Vodacom’s global operations.

Mr. Kumalo began his journey to greatness at the South African supermarket chain store Pick n Pay, where he worked as a packer. He started working at Vodacom in 2004, serving in various capacities, including executive commercial director and managing director of Vodacom Tanzania.

Romeo is currently the CEO and co-founder of the venture capital firm Washirika Holdings. He launched the business after resigning from Vodacom in 2016. He reportedly teamed up with some business experts, such as banker Michael Jordaan to set up the tech company.

Basetsana’s husband is a Harvard Business School alumnus. He also obtained a master’s degree in Commerce from Unisa, as well as executive management certificates from the University of the Witwatersrand and European business school INSEAD.

Most power couples usually struggle with finding the right balance between their family life and work, but the same cannot be said of Bassie. She has mastered everything it takes to strike a balance between work and family and how to go about it. She does not only spend quality time on her job but also makes out for her young family. The former Miss Soweto is a wife and mother first before anything else.

Being a public figure, she has always been committed to leading her children in the right way and instilling the right values in them. She literally pays attention to everything going on around her family, proving how important family is to her.


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