Bridal Bliss: Harriet and Hector's Nuptials Were Nothing Short Of Magical...

Harriet & Hector tied the knot last night. Harriet was an undeniably exquisite bride and Hector was also suave as mint! The love and happiness in the air were so evident and contagious, that we can’t help but join in the joy.

We’re wishing the couple a lifetime of love ;and happiness...  

Enjoy their beautiful wedding photos and the interview Drum had with 'The Queen' director below:

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Drum Mag had a chat with The Queen director Andries Van Der Merwe, who says they took a lot from the first wedding.  Also, this is a very sentimental venue for Connie because it is where she and her late husband, Shona, renewed their vows.

This love story is the first time Connie Ferguson kisses a man on The Queen. It was always a thing that she just didn’t do.

Andries says it was quite a thing that they had to first discuss before it happened. This was a way for the director to show the submissive side of Harriet Khoza and make it believable.

Andries describes the couple’s kiss as very tender, sweet, and beautiful and when she kissed him again at the wedding it was a sort of affirmation that she is all in with this man because he is the first man in the soapie that she kissed.

“We came up with the idea of doing it again. We set up the story where eventually their love story was almost there but didn’t happen. Then we got to the point where we thought it should happen, Karabo and Tau’s wedding was such a big wedding and is still the most talked-about wedding. So we had to discuss how we were going to put a 2022 spin on it and still get the same vibe as 20 years before.”

He says they went for big and grandeur because they are very rich but it is also minimalistic in a way because of the history of the characters. They know they shouldn’t be getting married but they are in love.

“Ideally with the wedding, we took the similar approach, that is why in the actual ceremony we didn’t have chairs, we took the chairs out and we made a sort of half-moon circle. We kind of bubble them in again, so it's the two of them in their special place and they don’t care about the world,” he says.

Dreezy, as he is affectionately referred to by his colleagues, says in the build-up to the wedding, the couple spoke to their family members in different scenes to explain to them that they will get married whether or not they approve. Viewers have seen Harriet turn a hardcore man into a softie, especially when dealing with her.

“It’s almost like they met halfway, both of them were really strong characters but they kind of soften towards each other. When they deal with each other it’s still on the same playing field, it is not your traditional feminine and masculine type of union, they are very equal in everything they do and the way they operate as lovers.”

When it came to the visuals of the wedding, they were perspective-filled with wide and moving shots. He says they went with a venue that had pillars, The Avianto Wedding and Conference Centre, because it gives viewers 'Cathedral power meets evil' vibes.

“All the lines are strong, everything about this is strong. With her dress, she had to practise so that it is comfortable to move in, because we wanted to show The Queen. We have referenced a lot from the royal family weddings as inspiration. When she goes down the aisle, you just see the pillars on the side, and you see this long train with The Queen walking up to her Prince, I wouldn’t call him a King because he is not there yet,” he says.

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