Getting to know the controversial DJ MacG

Macgyver Mukwevho, popularly known as MacG, is a renowned South African radio DJ and producer who has worked with radio stations like YFM and 947 and hosts a popular podcast called Podcast and Chill. He has been opportune to work with leading DJs in the country and has been privileged to perform in different African countries like Nigeria, Angola, and Mozambique. 

MacG started his career in the entertainment industry at the age of 13 by hosting e. tv’s Craze-e and remained the show’s host from 2000 to 2005. After working with for five years, he decided to leave the TV industry and pursue his passion in the radio industry. He landed a job with YFM, where he was opportune to host renowned radio shows, which grew his fan base.

At YFM, he hosted graveyard slots during weekends, and after working with the radio station for a while, he landed the chance to host a morning show every weekday, and with time, he started hosting a lunchtime show.

The morning and lunchtime show improved his career and made him more famous. After losing his job at YFM, Macgyver Mukwevho landed a job at 947, Johannesburg’s biggest music station. He the left the station after working with them for eight years, between 2010 to 2018.


Mukwevho may have been opportune to start his career very early, and it seemed less stressful for him to move from one radio station to another. Still, his career has not been without challenges and controversies.

While working at YFM in 2010, MacG openly spoke against being gay. He revealed how much he disliked gays. When he realized how inappropriate it was for him to openly speak against gays because he was not one, he tendered an apology.

However, his statement was not taken lightly, and a complaint was filed against him by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCCSA). Unfortunately, his apology was not enough to overlook his wrongdoing, as he lost his job with YFM.

Macgyver Mukwevho has not streamlined his career to radio deejaying only; he also deejays at parties. He has been privileged to go on tour around Africa with MTV. This tour allowed him to perform in different African countries. It also gave him the opportunity to share the stage with other renowned DJs like Diplo, Euphonik, Louie Vega, etc.

After working with different radio stations and gathering experience across the years, Macgyver Mukwevho decided to start his independent podcast. His podcast is called Podcast and Chill With MacG, and it was launched in 2018. Since the first episode’s release in July 2018.

On the podcast, he discusses recent events and happenings in the country and the entertainment industry. In some episodes, he features other celebrities and asks them questions about their journey to fame and how life in the entertainment industry is.

He also has a Black Friday edition where he features businesses and brands and has brand representatives share with him and his audience how they were able to break through the market.

MacG is currently not working with any radio station. There are reports that Metro FM tried to get him on board, but the contract did not pull through.

Macgyver loves to keep his private life away from the public; however, news about having a baby mama got to the public when she filed an assault case against him at Midrand police station. The unidentified lady finally withdrew the assault charges, but there are reports that she shares a son with the disc jockey.

There are reports that he is married to a lady identified as Naledi.  Naledi is a South African YouTuber. She is suspected to be the same woman who filed a case against MacG for physical assault and later withdrew the charg/e. The two are believed to co-own a gin called Grandeur Gin that they advertise on their social media platforms.

 MacG is not a celebrity whose influence is fading away anytime soon, as he is carving a niche for himself and building his empire in the industry.


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