Missed The Real Housewives of Durban reunion part 1? Here is what went down...

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Londie is pregnant

First things first… Congratulations are in order for Londie, who revealed that she’s expecting her second child. While sharing the news with her co-stars, the hot mama stood up and did a twirl for the ladies.

“Yes, a girl has been baking and during the trips and everything during the show, but none of y’all noticed,” she said. When asked how far along she was, she said she wouldn’t reveal those details. “I’m far. I’m black, like I don’t say the whole month.”

She did, however, add that she would be giving birth in a couple of weeks.

MaKhumalo stands her ground  

Remember the first time MaKhumalo was introduced to the show? You know, when she and her husband Musa Mseleku made everyone wait for them at that infamous dinner? They made a grand entrance and the housewives were not happy at all. One of them was LaConco, who made it clear that she was disappointed, especially after seeing MaKhumalo’s face.

So, is there a feud between the two ladies? Donovan brought this up and asked if LaConco was inheriting her friend Mayeni’s beef. (Mayeni is MaKhumalo’s sister wife.) 

“Absolutely not. It’s got nothing to do with Mayeni,” she told Donovan. She explained there was a bridge that she and MaKhumalo had to cross before being comfortable with each other.

When asked what she thought about her beef with LaConco, MaKhumalo said: “I really never thought that maybe she inherited any beef, it was just her, she was just being her. Until this day, I don’t remember being cold towards her.”

She added that LaConco had been insulting her.

“She has been showing how much she hates me.” MaKhumalo makes it clear that she doesn’t think any friendship will form between her and LaConco.

Are Londie and LaConco still friends?

It’s no secret that MaKhumalo is not the only person who isn’t feeling LaConco’s vibe. We’ve seen Annie sharing her views on the mother of one, and Nonku has also shared her thoughts. At the reunion, Londie also got the chance to get a few things off her chest.

Before she could do that, LaConco mentioned that she still felt the same way about Londie. As in, things hadn’t changed in their friendship since they started hanging out. Londie, on the other hand, believes that things are “shaky”. She said she didn’t know much about LaConco’s life and that was a bit off because they’re supposed to be friends. 

LaConco had something to say about that. “Londie, your public domain is not the same as mine. My previous experience is not the same as yours and I don’t wish for it to be like yours. So, amongst these ladies, you’re the one who knows the details,” she shared. Well then, that should clear it up?

Mabusi and that WhatsApp drama

Another hot topic this season has been Mabusi being excluded from the cast members’ WhatsApp group. That was rather shady especially because she’s pretty much part of the crew. When this came up at the reunion, Mabusi explained that she felt sidelined.

“At some point I felt like you know what, it doesn’t stop my life from going on.”

She’s now in the group, by the way, but that hasn’t really been exciting for her. “There’s not much difference. There’s nothing much going on there any way.”

Is Annie to blame for all that WhatsApp gatekeeping? She doesn’t think so. In her defence, Annie said she made everyone admin when the group was created. “When it was brought up to me I didn’t think about that. But actually the real reason she was not in the group was because when the group started it was for the people who were doing the OTS [opening title sequence], and Mabusi was not part of the OTS.” There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Nothing personal!



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