Scandal! extended teaser: Mo's moment and Lily-Juice returns

Lily-Juice ( Rosemary Zimu) returns on a mission to promote her new business as a talent manager. She seeks help from everyone working in television, including Dintle on Izigigaba.


Avid Scandal! fans will remember that series legend Dintle Nyathi gave up a daughter for adoption 14 years ago. Now, 14 years later, she wants to find out about her mother.


Mo, played by Dakalo Molope, is as spicy as her mother and ensures nothing gets in her way when she sets a target.

All she ever wanted was to get herself onto Izigigaba and she accomplished this.

Live on television, she asks Dintle why she gave her only daughter away. Dintle, feeling embarrassed for the first time, cannot not face her problems and runs out of the studio as her past demons start to catch up with her.


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