Muvhango Teasers - July 2022

Coming up on Muvhango this July:

Friday 1 July 2022

Episode 4111 

Imani is worried when James’s sleep paralysis persists. James starts taking sleeping pills but they fail to work.

Azwindini and Tenda try to twist Rendani and Lowani’s arms respectively to get Susan to vote for their mayoral candidates.

Susan gets elected as mayor. Tenda wants to be her ally and is angered when she rejects him. He decides to set her up for the murdered of the former mayor.


Monday 4 July 2022

Episode 4112 

James fights his sleep paralysis but is descending into some sort of madness. Rendani receives a job offer in Thathe. Vhutshilo raises the stakes for Zama so Reggie can’t keep up.

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Episode 4113 

The council gives Rendani permission to be Susan’s municipal manager. James uses pills and energy drinks to stay awake and avoid sleep paralysis. Vhutshilo confronts Reggie about dating Zama.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Episode 4114 

Susan makes her healthcare plans public. But everything goes pear-shaped, and she is forced to make tough decisions.

Imani and Itseng are desperate to save James and cook up a scheme. But things don’t go their way.

Rendani is not interested in the advice Azwindini gives. Zama makes it clear what she wants. But is it Vhutshilo?

Guess who is back from KZN and looking refreshed?

Thursday 7 July 2022

Episode 4115 

Susan admits she is battling anxiety. James locks Itseng and Uncle Letsatsi out of the house! Vhutshilo apologizes to Zama.

Friday 8 July 2022

Episode 4116 

Azwindini is against Susan doing the debate. Vho-Makhadzi realizes that Gizara has been helping the matron with the debate.

Susan is humiliated when she loses the debate against the Matron. She blames Rendani for leading her astray.

James’ paranoia escalates. Imani considers admitting him to a mental asylum. James strangles Imani, thinking that she’s his father.


Monday 11 July 2022

Episode 4117 

Susan and Rendani kiss and make up. James learns Lesedi needs to attend the rituals. Vhutshilo turns Zama down.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Episode 4118 

Susan is forced to eat humble pie. A father has to break some disturbing news to his son. Looks like love is on the cards for Vhutshilo.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Episode 4119 

Lesedi learns the truth about James's father. Tenda finds a way to clip Susan's wings. Vhutshilo is on cloud nine.

Thursday 14 July 2022

Episode 4120 

Tendamudzimu is about to embark on a perilous political journey involving Susan and brings in back up.

Vhutshilo and Zama take the next step in their relationship.

James' ritual prep is off to a bad start and is hit by a major set back.

Friday 15 July 2022

Episode 4121 

Tendamudzimu tries to recruit Gizara to help him take Susan down. James flies into a panic when the goat for the ritual goes missing. Vhutshilo tries to impress Zama by organising her an apartment to stay in.


Monday 18 July 2022

Episode 4122 

Imani soon learns why the ritual is beset with problems. Itseng’s bloody-hands are hiding a terrible secret.

Tenda and Gizara unite forces to fight against a common enemy.

When Susan refuses to give her cousin tenders, she receives a stinging rebuke that questions her loyalty.

Zama and Vhutshilo make the most of their first night together.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Episode 4123 

Oxford gives Thifhelimbiu a tender supposedly from Susan. James catches Itseng stealing the goat. Susan is happy for her son.

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Episode 4124 

While Susan cleans up corruption, Thifheli messes it up for her. Itseng almost sabotages James’s ancestral ritual. 

Vhutshilo pounces at Azwindini for eyeing his girl.

Thursday 21 July 2022

Episode 4125 

The villagers protest against Susan. The ritual is concluded. Vhutshilo snaps at Zama after Azwindini’s visit.

Friday 22 July 2022

Episode 4126 

Tenda and Oxford’s hard work may have been for nothing. Ndiwavho’s party is in danger before it even takes off. Zama unwittingly presses Vhutshilo’s wrong button.


Monday 25 July 2022

Episode 4127 

Thifheli unwittingly gets herself and Susan into deep into trouble. James and Imani reach a stalemate.

Vhutshilo’s displays more insecurities.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Episode 4128 

Susan is forced to eat humble pie. A father has break some disturbing news to his son. Looks like love is on the cards for Vhutshilo.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

Episode 4129 

A large sum of money is deposited into Thifhelimbilu’s account as Tendamudzimu sets his next plan in motion.

Mpho snoops on Ndiwavho’s phone and comes across something that shocks her to the core.

Shaz becomes suspicious of Thifheli’s new spending habits and digs for information.

Thursday 28 July 2022

Episode 4130 

Tendamudzimu receives news that the money has been deposited in Vhutshilo’s bank account, so he moves ahead with his plan.

Susan discovers that Thifhelimbilu owns the company that received the cleaning tender.

Mpho and Tendamudzimu disagree about Ndiwavho staying over at James’ house.

Vhutshilo discourages Zama from dressing sexily for a business meeting.

Friday 29 July 2022

Episode 4131 

Susan is in trouble after news emerge that her cousin, Thifhelimbilu has been awarded a tender fraudulently, while Tenda offends James.

Vhutshilo is left insecure, after Zama refuses to change the sexy way that she dresses. Kgosi doesn’t help matters. Mpho is worried about Ndiwavho’s corrupt friends.

Ndiwavho’s kiss with a boy, spoils her surprise party.


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