Getting to know Buhle from Imbewu in real life

Vuyokazi Tshona is a farmer and a singer. She has a twin sister called Vuyelwa Tshona.

The actress spent her formative years in her birthplace. She had her elementary studies in the town she was born, after which she enrolled for her high school education. It is said that she left for Durban to complete her studies before matric.

She later moved to Pretoria after being admitted to Tshwane University of Technology to study Agriculture. She is a B.Tech Agriculture: development and extension degree holder.

Vuyokazi has a twin sister called Vuyelwa. She is an actress and a talented singer too. Vuyelwa studied film and later became an actress. She and her twin sisters went to auditions together severally.

It was on one occasion that Vuyokazi accompanied Vuyelwa to an audition that the latter encouraged the former to try out acting. Vuyokazi eventually did, and she bagged her first role on TV.

Following the development, Vuyokazi decided to add acting to her farming and single hustles. Vuyelwa was part of the Disney The Lion king international tour. She played the role of Nala on the opening night of The Lion King International Tour in Taiwan.

Buhle, in Imbewu, is the last child of the Durban-based business magnet Zimele “Ngcolosi” Bhengu and his wife, Nokubonga Mazulu Bhengu. She also has three older siblings whose names are Nganono, Zithulele, and Zakhiti.

Despite not having many things in common with her TV character, Vuyokazi has been killing her role in Imbewu. Buhle, being the last child, was spoilt by her father. Though elegant and young, she sometimes gives her mother a hard time.

The actress is proof that anyone can be a late-bloomer and still excel at any craft. She plays her role well and has amassed many loyal fans who tune in to watch her on TV. 


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