Watch: Dwayne Johnson Purchases House for His Mom

 Dwayne Johnson just rocked his mom’s world. 

The Rock took to Instagram over the weekend to share a few videos of his mother, Ata Johnson, as he surprised her with a brand new home. 

“When I was a little boy, I hated when my mom would cry,” he wrote. “These days, I’ll happily take her tears of joy.”

In the caption, showing Johnson walking into the home through a front door and being astonished by the set up, The Rock—who has surprised his mom many times before—explained that it took him and his design team eight weeks to prep the home. “I’ve been lucky enough to have bought her a few homes over the years, but this one is special as she’s told me over and over these past few years, ‘After a lifetime of traveling, I want this home to be my last. Thats my dream,’” he wrote. 

Johnson explained that he’s “there’s no greater feeling” than being able to make his mother happy, as she entered the home to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” playing in the background. Another clip shows Johnson’s mother walking into a massive room with her “vintage ukuleles” sitting on the wall, as she looked at photos that Johnson found of their “ancestors that she hasn’t seen since she was a child growing up in Samoa.”

“I always say, if you got a good mom then you got a shot at becoming a good, caring human being,” The Rock shared. “Let’s all give our mamas a big grateful squeeze this weekend and make ‘em happy.”

Johnson added that his mother, in another post, would keep a “Smackdown Room” for herself so she could show off pictures and memorabilia of her son over the years. Appropriately, he added plenty of more pieces to her collection. While, he said “the last thing I want to do is stand in a DJ Shrine while people look around as my mom takes them thru at all the stuff I’ve done,” he couldn’t help but build it up for her. 

“But, truth is, when I’m BY MYSELF 😊, these Smackdown rooms she creates have such positive energy and beautiful mana. Always a good reminder for me to never forget where I came and always be grateful for grind.”



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