6 Times Sindi and Tina Have Given Us Sisters Goals

While there’s no doubt that Sindi gives us all goals, she most certainly gives us big sister goals, too. A lot of people can’t help but notice that she has a very special relationship with her daughter/sister Tina. Sure, every older sister has an abundance of love for their younger one, but with Sindi and Tina it’s just a little bit different.

They have such an intimate relationship and everyone just address them as Mother and daughter instead of sisters:)

Sindi has raised her sister to be strong, hardworking, and independent—and now that she's older they have become inseparable. Check out these adorable mamá and daughter/ sisters goals snaps, and their pics will make you want to pick up the phone and call your mom or sister right now. 

Infact while writing this article I've just phoned my Mum too:) With that said, here are 6 times that Sindi and Tina have given us all sister goals!


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