Celebrity-Approved Jeans To Add To Your Style Collection Inspiration by 4 Mzansi Celebs

You will love jeans even more when you see how stylishly your favorite celebs wore them.

You may love them or absolutely hate them but you certainly cannot live without them. Even if you don't wear jeans on a regular basis, we have all got a pair in our closet that is our go-to pair whenever we head out. Some wear jeans because they are flattering, some love the casual look and some believe they are super versatile. We believe them all! Mzansi Celebs are no stranger to trends but when it comes to basics, trust the stars to give jeans a whole new meaning too. Every woman should own a basic pair of jeans in their wardrobes; we give you Xplore Mzansi-approved jeans to add to your jeans collection.

1. Lerato  

Sometimes we want our denim to stand out a little, trust Ms Lerato for all the denim inspo. She always wear her denim's in a trendy, fashionable way! Babe what I mean is she knows how to slay in denims! Her style is evrrrything:) Lets look at our favorite denim moments of the Gorgeous Presenter!

2. Tumi
Of cause Tumi has to be on this list. She's one of the most stylish females in Mzansi. lets have a look at her  denim inspiration:)

3. Faith
Here is our sexy collection inspired by Faith...

4. The Gorgeous Cindy


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